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Hi, I'm Dan, the founder of Plus 1 Designs. I'm Just a guy with a strong passion for web and design; this is my outlet to do so. Thank you for stopping by.

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What I'm all about:


Blog system now live!

Here I can keep track of my current progress, and perhaps some people will stumble upon it :)

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You can use any of the following effects to transition your pages! The suffix "H" denotes a horizontal orientation, while "V" a vertical one.

Setting page effects

A special attribute data-effect="" is used by the slider to set a page's transition effect. An example is shown below

  <!-- Page -->
  <div id="home" class="page" data-effect="cubeH">
  <!-- /Page -->

Setting different effects for different screens

A cool feature of this theme is the ability to set different options for different screens. The syntax is as follows:

  // "cubeH" for all screens, "fader" for small screens 
  data-effect="cubeH[all], fader[0-767]"
  // "fader" for small screens, "shuffleH" for tablets, "cubeH" for larger screens
  data-effect="fader[0-767], shuffleH[768-1024], cubeH[1025-max]"
  // Same as above but using min values only
  data-effect="fader[0], shuffleH[768], cubeH[1025]"
  // NOTE: You can not mix the last two formats!
  // This would be WRONG!!!
  data-effect="fader[0], shuffleH[768-1024], cubeH[1025]"

The value inside the square brackets define the specific screen which the effect will be used. This value can be expressed in the following way:

  • [all] will target all screens
  • [768] will target a minimum screen of 768px.
  • [0-767] will target a minimum screen of 0px and a maximum of 767px.
  • [1024-max] will target a minimum screen of 1024px and above.

As noted in the example, mixing single values such as [1200] with min+max values such as [768-1024] is NOT ALLOWED

Animatable Layers

You can Use the .page-layer class to turn any page element into an animatable layer. Every layer can have an entry and exit animation. The popular animation library animate.css ships with the slider and all of it's animations can be used with the layers. These animations are applied using the following data attributes:

  • data-anim-in="animation [delay, duration]" defines the entry animation. e.g data-anim-in="bounceIn [100, 1000]"
  • data-anim-out="animation [delay, duration]" defines the exit animation. e.g data-anim-out="bounceOut [100, 1000]"

Both the delay and duration are expressed in milli seconds.

  <!-- Layers -->
  <h1 class="page-layer" data-anim-in="bounceInTop [0, 1000]" data-anim-out="bounceOutUp [0, 1000]">Hello</h1>
  <p class="page-layer" data-anim-in="bounceInLeft [500, 1000]" data-anim-out="bounceOutLeft [500, 1000]">world</p>
  <!-- Layers -->

Page Links

As long as a page has an id tag, it is accesible through an anchor. The anchor needs to have the following components.

  • A data-page="" attribute pointing to the page to transition to e.g data-page="#about"
  • data-page="" also accepts "href"as a value. e.g data-page="href". This method avoids repetition.
  • Optional data-effect="" attribute setting the effect to use e.g data-effect="cubeH"
  <!-- Basic Page link -->
  <a href="#" data-page="#about">about</a>
  <!-- With "href" as the value-->
  <a href="#about" data-page="href">about</a>
  <!-- With an effect attribute -->
  <a href="#about" data-page="href" data-effect="cubeH">about</a>


contact us

Email: info@plus1designs.co.uk


Blog system now live!

Here I can keep track of my current progress, and perhaps some people will stumble upon it :)

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